The book offers a heartfelt tale for parent and child to explore together how goodness, knowledge, nobility, and creativity can be used as powerful weapons against the fear, anger, and sorrow that sometimes prevent us from realizing our dreams. With a backdrop of beautiful, intriguing illustrations, Defenders of the Land of Dreams is a book meant to be savored and read together, pausing to discuss the characters, learn meanings of new words, and talk about your own gifts and dreams. I know my family is looking forward to more adventures in The Land of Dreams! Enjoy!

Author & Illustrators

J. Scaramazza

J. Scaramazza

Jose is a Venezuelan writer / journalist who has dedicated his life to creating stories full of fantasy and inspiring messages that remind us that the world can be a better place to live if we set out to change it with a smile one person at a time.

With Defenders of the Land of Dreams: “Custodians of the Golden Armor”, his first published children’s book, he hopes to teach children and adults the importance of knowing our best qualities to take advantage of them whenever it is necessary.

Kate Fallahee

Kate Fallahee 
Cover Illustrator

Kate currently works as a freelance graphic designer and children’s book illustrator. She has had a passion for drawing since Kindergarten and is always looking for ways to improve. She has an Associates Degree in Design & Graphic Technology, and her favorite things to draw are cartoons and expressions.

Paola Garcia

Paola García Tovar

Paola is a Venezuelan graphic designer who is currently working to get her Associates Degree in Graphic and Interactive Design. As a freelancer, creating illustrations and brand identities are part of her everyday routine. Paola has been interested in the artistry world since she was a kid, now her dream is to open her own studio where she would share not only her design knowledge, but her experience with photography and makeup.

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