About the book

Did you know that some children's story books can encourage and develop children's creativity to help them become responsible, loving and self-confident adults?

Defenders of the Land of Dreams is one of these books and it shows us a truly inspiring story capable of encouraging and developing creativity in children to help shape caring adults who are capable of overcoming any challenge that they may face later on in life.

The characters that make up this story are siblings William, Richard, Maurice, Mia; King Joseph IV Stonewall and his wife, Queen Rachel Goodheart, and the Dark Sorceress, Meredith Shaw. This tale teaches us that when fear gets a hold of us in moments of distress, we must trust our ability to change things and believe in the power of prayer, which is able to make any negative feelings we may have in our hearts disappear.

A tale that promotes values such as trust, kindness, honor, honesty, hope, joy, justice, among others very important to raise children to be responsible and loving adults who are able to show their kindness in every decision they make throughout their lives, no matter how big or small they may seem.

How can we help our children to be able to overcome as adults even more than what we have accomplished?

By simply telling them stories inspired by a world where everything is possible.

Take home a copy of Defenders of the Land of Dreams in print, ebook, audiobook, Kindle, and videobook version, and let's make it happen!