Defenders of The Land of Dreams: "Custodians of The Golden Armor"

First children's storybook to help shape responsible adults

Defenders of The Land of Dreams: "Custodians of The Golden Armor"

“Not far from where you are and very close to your heart there is a land where dreams come to life and fantasies come true. Welcome to the magical Land of Dreams!”

Defenders of The Land of Dreams: "Custodians of The Golden Armor"

This is the beginning of a wonderful and inspiring story for children filled with hope, joy, suspense, colors, and beautiful artwork that fits perfectly with each phrase and allows us to recreate the sequence of events as if we were living the story in real life.

Defenders of the Land of Dreams: "Custodians of The Golden Armor" is the first published book in a saga that promises to expand to parallel stories, prequels, and sequels.

The author, J. Scaramazza, is a born writer who has always believed that forgotten values must be recovered, especially in families, where children are the most affected by the loss of these personal virtues.

Getting children to keep on believing in dreams, even when they reach adulthood, is also one of his deepest dreams. This is why he writes children's stories inspired by a world where everything is possible, combining fantasy with reality, in order to encourage and help develop their creativity, pushing them to grow up feeling capable of overcoming any challenge they may face later on, thus allowing them to become responsible, loving, dedicated and self-confident adults.

"We must recover the values that have been lost over time due to the vertigo with which we live life and raise our children, it is our duty as parents to ensure that our children daydream about fantasy worlds that nourish their creativity and allow them to overcome as adults even more than what we have achieved," says the author.

The characters that make up this story are siblings William, Richard, Maurice, Mia; King Joseph IV Stonewall and his wife, Queen Rachel Goodheart, and the Dark Sorceress, Meredith Shaw. This tale teaches us that when fear gets a hold of us in moments of distress, we must trust our ability to change things and believe in the power of prayer, which is able to make any negative feelings we may have in our hearts disappear.

A tale that promotes values such as trust, kindness, honor, honesty, hope, joy, justice, among others very important to raise children to be responsible and loving adults who are able to show their kindness in every decision they make throughout their lives, no matter how big or small they may seem.

Starting August 7, 2020, you can find this wonderful book in printed format and also in Kindle format downloadable directly at and also at or

For more information, you can contact the author, J. Scaramazza, directly through his website

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Aullins Rincon · January 31, 2021 at 12:20 am

Hermosa historia para los niños donde se les enseña el valor de ellos mismos siendo capaces de enfrentar todos los miedos que se les presenten en el largo camino de la vida, solo hay que creer en uno mismo y tener la confianza de que somos capaces de vencer cualquier obstáculo!

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