Defenders of the Land of Dreams is a saga of stories for children that begins with a first book called Custodians of the Golden Armor. The story of this first book begins with the presentation of the Kingdom of the Land of Dreams. The main characters are Princes William, Richard, and Maurice and  Princess Mia. They are all children of the Wizard King. The Golden Armor, one of the most precious relics of the King, is also introduced in this book. The Golden Armor is a strange artifact that switches owners between the princes, the princess or the members of the Order of the Knights of Dreams depending on what is necessary to be able to solve the conflicts that are presented to the Kingdom.

The Saga's Target

For a long time, we turned to literature to instill in the new generations the necessary values to turn boys and girls into the good men and women that the world needs for the future.  We intend to follow that tradition with our story. The story also seeks to encourage reading and to nurture creativity.

The Writer

J. Scaramazza is a novel writer graduated from the School of Social Communication of URBE University in Maracaibo, Venezuela. From a very young age, he has recreated stories of epic adventures. He is the author of Walë-Kerú: And The Myth of Evil and Walë-Kerú: The Legend of the Sword of Urdaneta among others. He is currently writing his first novel in English, a thriller called The Commuter and the other five stories of the children's saga Defenders of the Land of Dreams.

The Illustrator

Kate Fallahee is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator with a great passion for the graphic arts. She has an Associates Degree in Design & Graphic Technology from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.